ACTP Expanded Module Content

Module 1: 3-days: Co-Creating the Partnership

In this foundation setting first module, we come together to establishing how to build sustainable working relationships creating successful contracts and becoming outcome focused. This is enabled through defining and distinguishing coaching to deepen your learning of curiosity.

Co-creating an ethical and professional standard driven approach from which to explore the coaching core competencies and their value when interacting with clients.

Any issue that stands out in a coaching relationship can be tracked right back to the coaching agreement – that very first conversation setting up and agreeing your working relationship. Our focus from the very beginning will be to define, distinguish and deliver coaching in a sustainable way. The ICF Core Competency 2: Coaching Agreement will become the golden thread that will run throughout our time together.

In this first module, we will agree ways of working that suits your learning style, develop support mechanisms for how you will learn at your best and share thoughts on what you need from your co-learners around you. Creating your most conducive environment for your learning, we will reach decisions on our ground rules and rituals to see us successfully through each module to come.

Demonstrations will form a strong part of our curriculum throughout and it is here where you will be invited to reflect and respond to what you noticed works and does not work in coaching. Through exercises you will soon observe the difference it makes in becoming more curious and present in yourself to get the most for your client.

By the end of our first 3 days you will have the fundamentals of your own personalised coaching agreement, be introduced to the ICF 11 Core Competencies and be comfortable in the position of not knowing all the answers… being okay to not be in control.

If you are ready for the challenge of the first 3 days – it is fully packed – then the remaining modules will be satisfying for you and your curiosity to learn and develop your professional self and presence.

Module 2: 3-days: Patterns, Programmes and Behaviour

This module draws from the exciting topic of neuroscience and how patterns and programmes drive our behaviours. By understanding your own patterns empowers you, as the coach, to actively listen for how others behave and make choices.

Through identifying values and beliefs, we create a new world of possibilities in how to enable your client to move forward, developing empowering habits that serve them for now and the future.

These patterns are etched and embedded as who we are, our values & beliefs which define us. All too often these values, so core to who we are, become invisible to us. You being curious to your own values and beliefs begins to give you the reach for listening to what drives others and their values and beliefs.

Here is the focal point of how you can bring about change for your clients.

Change that requires enquiry and exploration of what the client actually wants and wholly partnering with that client to develop their defined desired outcome.

ICF Core Competency 5: Active Listening will feature among others here. Actively listening plays a vital role for how you pay attention at various levels for what the client is saying and not saying so during this module you will become more astute in your listening, be aware and confident in yourself, your client’s ability and the process of coaching: This is core to the learning outcome of this module.

What this affords you is a sense of comfort and calm in which you build the safe environment for an expansive mind open to your client doing the work. At this stage, you are creating the optimal space for insight and awareness to occur, ICF Core Competency 7: Direct Communication and 8: Creating Awareness.

Module 3: 3-days: Diversity of thinking styles

Understanding your preferred thinking style, when it gets in the way of what you want and how to recognise this form the basis of this module. Developing the creative flexibility to generate authentic alignment with your vision enables you to ask the direct questions of what you really want.

Seeing yourself from different perspectives generates a richer picture of who you can be and what for. Raising your client’s awareness to these levels engages in a profound trust and intimacy in the coaching relationship that can illicit powerful change.

Our new learning for Module 3 is seeing, hearing and feeling a situation you have previously experienced from you own perspective and flexing into what and where else can you move to review this experience with added new learning. Learning that takes you forward and not hold you static in the place of the old experience.

Creating awareness in different ways for how you can be and behave from your personal history, your issues and, some might say, your baggage, allows you to glean the learning you need to move forward and let go of what has held you back.

Full partnership with your client means you invite a sense of connectedness that gets results for your clients as you grow successes in your reputation as a professional coach.

There is a lot to accomplish in these 3 days… we might want to agree how we prepare the outside world for the changes you are making to your life during this training. Living out loud is you at your most purposeful self: Serving you and the people around you to be at 100%

ICF Core Competencies: Powerful Questions, Designing Actions, Planning and Goal Setting and Managing Accountability

Module 4: 3-days: Connecting with Presence

This module focuses on transformational change for you. Creating awareness of the nuances of how your mind and body can work together. Generating congruence with who you are and being more present to holding that desired state.

Such transformation for the self can enable your clients to be present and connected to themselves and their purpose.

In today’s world everything runs at a fast pace… and nothing suggests that this is a good thing! We take a turn here in Module 4 and slow down. Slow down to really acknowledge and breath into our coaching presence. We slow down – to speed up the difference it makes to your coaching in being aligned, present and grounded with your client. Closing off all the noise and serving a system in which just you and your client exist. Drawing from all your contributing wisdom to bring about change.

We become masters of our own destiny by qualifying and quantifying the ethics involved in creating long term strong professional working relationships. How do we make choices? Share in what and when we have made decisions, even if in hindsight we might now do differently? Together we will build an inner moral compass and then take joy from knowing that your co-learners will become our “outer” moral compass.

Knowing more of our beliefs during this module will define and almost predict how we work professionally and ethically. Come prepared to be enlightened by how you can make decisions that serve you, your clients and the profession of coaching.

Module 5: 4 days: Developing performance

Integrating the learning, knowing how to measure, manage and master your own performance makes up the core of this last face to face module. You will have the opportunity to create safety around uncertainty and trust in not knowing. Being able to hold this space for you, firstly, then of course for your clients, opens an abundance of possibilities leading to results.

Ultimately this is about feeling what you know and releasing this powerful potential of your masterful coaching for your clients and the delivery of their successful outcomes.

We get to the heart of who you are and how you show up. In acknowledging and understanding how effective and appropriate this may be for you and the people around you draws you closer to your fullest potential.

Deepening your understanding of who you are can be most profound and only when you have achieved this for yourself can you facilitate a transformational conversation with your client to explore who they are. You practice holding the silence, the space and the presence for both you and your client.

We will celebrate the days with on-going acknowledgment & assessment of what you have learned from all tools, models and techniques and begin your purposeful practice.

Module 6 – virtually delivered: Coach Mentoring

In Group Mentor Coaching we will discuss each ICF Core Competency, increasing your perspective and learning to co-create a deeper understanding of the ethics, standards and each competency involved in masterful coaching.

This module will consist of 8 x 90-minute sessions of Group Mentor Coaching over a period of four months, meeting twice a month virtually and complete a minimum of 3 x 60-minutes One-to-One Mentor Coaching sessions with your trainer.

Having over 10-hours of the Mentor Coaching in this module completes the ACTP programme and prepares you for your credentialing for an ACC or PCC application with the ICF.

We move the in-person training room onto our virtual Zoom Room and for the Group Sessions continue the powerful and supportive way we have established together. We will enhance your coaching skill by focusing on the ICF Core Competencies and your delivery of them in relation to what the client is doing and saying.

You will take turns on being in the role of coach, client, observer and loving & supportive co-learner as you reinforce the training with active demos and feedback. The Zoom Room offers us wisdom from a new perspective and together we debate the subtle nature of how each core skill that makes up your coaching impacts it and ultimately your client.

Each session will have a pre-assignment where you will begin to notice your preferences and how sometimes you get in the way of your best intentions. Then, during the group session itself, you develop clarity for an authentic way for overcoming your own biases and barriers.

You are then supported through a minimum of 3 x 60-minutes One-to-One Mentor Coaching sessions with your Mentor Coach. These moments are precious to your thinking and being as a coach. We celebrate and define what and where is the magic in your coaching and how can you do more of that. Learning to set aside all the rote learning of core competencies, you are moving into unconscious competence and feeling and being present to your coaching with your client.

Having over 10-hours of the Mentor Coaching in this 6th module completes the ACTP programme and prepares you for your on-ward journey towards credentialing for an ACC or PCC application with the ICF.