Refund Before Coach Training Programme Starts

Olos Institute & Change Advantage reserve the right to cancel the programme or change the dates of delivering the programme for circumstances beyond their control. A full refund of all payments will be paid in full if training is cancelled by us.

Your registration is final and confirmed when you submit your application form and transfer your fee (full fee or instalments according to the agreed payment method).

Your cancellation of the Coach Training Programme is only valid if submitted in writing to In case of you cancelling, we will charge the following cancellation fees:
• up to thirty (30) days before Coach Training Programme starts 0% of training fee;
• thirty (30) – twenty (20) days before Coach Training Programme starts 5 % of training fee;
• twenty (20) to ten (10) days before Coach Training Programme starts 15% of training fee;
• ten (10) to five (5) days before the beginning of the training, 20% of training fee;
• five (5) to (1) days before Coach Training Programme starts 30% of training fee;
• up to one (1) day before training and cancellation on the first day of training, or absent without notice, 100% of training fee.
You may, of course, give your place to someone else without a cancellation surcharge.

Refund After Coach Training Programmes Starts

Your success and satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. If something does not feel right once the training has started and you have questions or concerns about the ACTP we are hosting please contact us in the first instance at We will discuss what is not working for you and try to remedy it.

Change Advantage adhere to the ethics and standards set by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for accredited coach training programme it is delivering. On this basis we apply the following guidelines for a request of a refund (payments include full or pro-rata instalment payments) made after a programme has started:
If at any point within the first 2 days of Module 1 your final decision is to leave the training our policy is that you let us know in writing (via email) within those first 2 days of the training starting, return all materials within 3 days of the training starting and you will be eligible for a full refund minus admin fees of €500 returned within 10-days.

Illness Policy

The wellbeing of every member of the training programme is paramount. If at any stage it becomes clear that you are unwell every effort will be made to accommodate you within the training programme. If you are unable to complete the training, beyond your recovery we will welcome you as part our next cohort to make up the hours/sessions/modules missed.